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RE: List Admin Issue: Emails bouncing back to the sender.

At 08:01 AM 8/17/2001 -0600, Sterin, Ilya wrote:
>Right, but then the list gets it back and sends to all subscribers.
>There's gotta be a way to filter this.

No, look at what happens when you only *reply*, not reply-to-all -- it goes 
to the sender of the message. If you don't ever send to the list, you're 
not getting most of the Out-of-Office replies, and other muck.

If you do post, the auto-reply sends to YOU, not the list -- because the 
headers on list traffic have the poster as the "From" party (rightfully, 
let's not devolve into a "list address as from" debate).

What's broken is out-of-office setups that don't allow discriminatory 
settings, e.g. "all incoming mail *except* that with a header that includes 
xml-dev@lists.xml.org, etc).

Ideally, people would either unsub from lists before going OOO, or use a 
mailer that can handle it. Unfortunately, there are few, and those that are 
aren't particularly desirable, or we'd see Those Who Really Should Know 
Better not sending OOO messages to mailing list participants in the first 


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