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RE: The Map/Territory Conundrum in Topic Maps vs. RDF

At 1:19 PM 8/19/2001 W. E. Perry wrote:  
>>that markup is literally specific to that title and not to the painting
thus identified.

If I'm on the same page, this has long been a source of on-going discussion
in the Dublin Core Community and is known as the 'One to One Principle'.  It
cuts to the notion of markup as meta-language - at once removed from what is
being described but referring to a very specific object and not itself. When
we create meta-languages about moving images we've chosen to refer to the
intellectual content of the work rather than its manifestation. This way we
keep data about formats etc in their place and don't get confused about what
it is we're describing. 

Application Profiles, appear to offer a way in which different notions of
what constitutes 'intellectual content' can be accommodated. 



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