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Re: Namespaces,W3C XML Schema (was Re: ANN: SAX FiltersforNamespaceProcessing)

Francis Norton wrote:
> "Local types may be used to specify elements with the same name but
> different types in different content models. Use of this feature makes
> it simpler to write complex schemas which will be processed by
> schema-specific processors. However it may also make it harder to
> process the data with general purpose processors such as presentation or
> editing tools.
> By default the setting for xsd:elementFormDefault is "unqualified",
> which means that local elements are distiguished from global elements by
> the fact that they are not in the schema-specific namespace (if any).
> Again this involves a trade-off - it may make it simpler to write a
> schema-specific processor for these documents, but it may well cause
> problems if elements from the schema are likely to be mixed in to
> documents with elements from other schemas and then processed by
> non-schema-specific utilities, especially if these utilities use XSLT or
> XPath."

Ship it.

-- Ron