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RE: Including multiple schemas - duplicate name errors

> I am using seperate schemas since one (A)
> represents a particular kind of operational
> event (the weight of product)and the other (B)
> represents a different kind of operational
> event (the quality of product).
> At points in the workflow, the messages are
> sent seperately.  However, they do have
> some element names that are in common
> like TransportationMode, ServiceLocation
> and others but that are defined globally
> in each of the A and B schemas.
> Later in the workflow Schema C packages schemas
> A and B together, along with some additional
> instructions.  In schema C, since A and B are
> included, I get the error that TransportationMode
> and ServiceLocation & others have been defined
> more than once.
> Cheryl

You should package up all common definitions in a schema D. Include schema D
in A and B. When C includes A and B, you will not get your duplicate
definition error, because there is only a single source (schema D) for those