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Re: Separating content from presentation

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, jwells123 wrote:

> Sorry if this is an old, dead horse on this list, but does anyone see
> any substance in the supposed "separation of content from
> presentation" feature of XML?

This idea comes from the hope that Web servers will send XML with
references to XSL stylesheets (as in, XSLT that transforms to XSLFO) which
the browser will use to display the raw data - so that content and
presentation are seperated "on the wire" to the client, making it easy to
write clients that ignore the XSL reference and just pull out the raw

So it's nothing new in terms of client/server architectures or application
development - it's just new to the Web, which currently (still) provides
almost all it's resources as human-only-readable HTML pages.

> I'm thinking that being able to explain the root causes of these
> misconceptions will help me in explaining to people why they ARE
> misconceptions.

Hope that helps :-)

There are many misconceptions lurking here. This is why they reinvent the

> Thanks!


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