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Announce: XSL and XML Archives

ActiveState has a web-based information service known as ActiveState Programmer
Network (ASPN). The free version -- ASPN Open -- is currently being extended
into a comprehensive source for free XSL information. This message describes one
of the most interesting XML/XSLT related features of ASPN Open: the archive of
major XML and XSL-related mailing lists. This includes a single search
interface. A search of "namespaces" turns up posts on xsl-list, xml-dev and
lists related to specific implementations of XML. I can see from that search
that namespaces are (as always) a hot topic on both the XML and XSL lists.

Let's choose a random message to give a sense of other features of the archive:


By Rick Jellife's name (sorry Rick!) you'll see a feature to allow you to get
the list of posts he has made since we started archiving. Click on "other posts
by this author".

Once you get back to the message, you can see its complete thread context at the

At the top is a fun but mostly useless feature that allows you to see who has
been busy on the list (called "leaders)". 


Surprisingly, my name is still in the top ten despite the fact that I have been
quiet on xml-dev for a while. That shows how much I, er, "contributed" in the
past. Simon St. Laurent and Len Bullard are in close contention for first place.
Going back through Len's archive is quite a mind-bending experience. And Simon's
archive shows a definite passion for the human implications of technology!

The "recent" link at the top allows you to catch up on a list that you've
unsubscribed from (e.g. after a vacation). The "archives" link lets you browse
historical stuff.

I hope this service will be useful to the XSLT and XML communities and I would
also like to see it grow and become even more useful over time. Please submit
your suggestions and bug reports to me or to the ASPN team. If you are
interested in XSLT, please also take a look at the companion announcement on the
XSLT Cookbook:

Take a recipe. Leave a recipe.  
Python Cookbook!  http://www.ActiveState.com/pythoncookbook