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Dumb XSLT question

Hi All,
I'm trying to figure out how I can read an additional XML file from an XSLT transform. Basically, I am converting from one XML doc to HTML in my transform, but I have some global values in another XML document that I would like to include in the HTML output. >From within my transform, can I specify a separate XML document to parse? Maybe do an <xsl:apply-templates select="other doc:whatever" /> ? My understanding is that XPointer allows this, but my XSLT engine does not support that. Any other suggestions? Am I missing something simple?
I realize that I can write an app to do this, but I'm trying to do it in a single XSLT.
Jeff Rosler
Flatirons Solutions Corp
1898 South Flatirons Court
Suite 200
Boulder, CO  80301
303-544-0514 x11