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Re: Xerces, SAX and schema validation

> > Step [2] is dbf.setNamespaceAware(true); 
> > 
> > where dbf is DocumentBuilderFactory. Doesn't it mean that parser 
> > being used is DOM instead of SAX?

"DocumentBuilderFactory" is a JAXP class for DOM support.

> Sorry, the pointer was slightly spurious. What I should have said 
> is you'll need to enable namespace support in the SAX parser.

SAX2 parsers default to having this feature enabled,
but JAXP ones default to having it disabled.

(And I've seen some which default to disabling it
incorrectly.  The two SAX feature flags that control
namespace support combine to make four modes,
one of which is illegal.  Guess which one I've seen
some JAXP-based configs set to be their default?  :)

- Dave