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Re: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word

> No, you have
>  <xsl:template match="x:person-name">
> rather than
>  <xsl:template match="/x:stuff/x:person/x:name">
> or, more likely, you have
>   <xsl:template match="x:name">
>      <xsl:if select="parent::x:person">
>          <!-- oops I need this extra test because name is reused--
>         those darned people at x:: namespace keep on adding
>         new local elements and our code is written to just use
>         the markup. Why cannot they just use vanilla XML.... -->

Isn't this cheating slightly ? If you work based on a context, you would
quite likely call a template
instead of matching one. I am with Nicolas here in that I think it's
quite unlikely that you want to process name without being in the
process of processing (sorry :) a particular parent node.