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RE: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word

>> > Push programming and pull programming are both common 
>methods with XML.
>> > 
>> Yes, and given local types, push transforms can only be supported by
>> having access to at least some subset of the PSVI. I think 
>the approach
>> above might hit the 20/80 point.
>Which is to say that local types complicate push-processing 
>and require unavailable
>and uninvented technology. 

I'm sorry, but I would rather say "non-standard yet technology". Lots of
people have implemented push-processing that can handle context-sensitivity.
Basically, just add a stack in your ContentHandler and you're done. Just add
some association between a stack configuration (equivalent to a kind of
canonical XPath of the current element) and a piece of code to execute, et
voilą ! You're processing data in a context sensitive way. That may be
slightly more complicated than a switch statement or an hashtable keyed on
the  name of the element, but that's not rocket science either.

>Rick Jelliffe