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FYI - XML/XSLT/XM articles

Parser-free XSLT?
This detailed tip explains how SAXTransformerFactory -- a class that feeds
SAX events directly in an XSLT processor -- buys you greater flexibility
when you save XML files. Several reusable Java code samples demonstrate the
techniques, which require TrAX.

Enabling XML documents for globalization
Facilitate the process of globalizing an application by organizing
translatable resources in XML documents. You can use this technique to
externalize the translatable content of your documents into
language-specific subdocuments, as well as to structure XML documents,
along with user-specified XML elements and attributes, to naturally process
your translated documents. XML and Java sample code examples show how the
technologies work together to handle globalization.

Two new features to XM: Link management and preparing the future
This article shows how to use XML filters to add new functionality to XM,
the author's open-source Web publishing application. Thanks to two new
features, XM is now powerful enough to handle simple Web sites. Code
samples demonstrate the use of filters and other techniques, as well as
updates to XM code. There's also a link to download the application source