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RE: infinite depth to namespaces

On 30 Aug 2001 15:25:37 -0500, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:
> Since quarantined discussions created the original, 
> and we are now well-informed as to the diversity 
> of opinion and misconceptions, I'd say this thread 
> has been a rousing success.  

I think you took quarantine to mean something stronger than I meant;
it's reasonably obvious that I don't support private discussions devoted
to solving public problems, especially in the XML field.

> This is what XML-Dev 
> was created to do and this is an occasion it has worked.

Sure, although it's 2.5 years since the spec became a W3C
Recommendation, and this list doesn't actually have the authority to
address these particular problems in any strong way.  (I don't actually
think there's any kind of consensus on what qualifies as "workable" at
present anyway.)

Exploring diverse opinions is always useful.  There are also times when
it seems there can be nothing but diverse opinions.

> Now almost everyone realizes where the warts are.  For me, 
> reading Matt's and Tim's posts have been revealing. 
> Even the most well-informed and connected have problems 
> with it (it's not simple) and the simple solutions don't 
> satisfy everyone (nor are the requirements clear).

I've thought that "everyone realized where the warts are" a few times,
and every 6-9 months we seem to find a new set of warts.  I'm hoping
this latest batch, though especially difficult, will at least have the
distinction of being the last warts.  I have remarkably little
confidence that will be true, however...

> Quarantine is unwarranted.  Persistence will be. I'm 
> still waiting to see what we will Dare To Do Less of.  

Again, I think you overinterpreted my call for 'quarantine'.  At the
very most, I'd suggest finding namespace discussions a public home of
their own.

Simon St.Laurent