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Re: Simple SAX2 Proposal, v3.

Sorry, I have sent this to xml-dev instead of perl-xml by mistake :)
Please ignore it, thanks.

Petr Cimprich wrote:

> First of all I want to say I like this version of proposal.
> Ad $name/{}$name: the first way would allow to keep SAX2 generators 
> compatible with SAX1, that's the only benefit I can see. I think this 
> "benefit" can be traded off against a consistency of the second way.
> But I have another question. start_cdata() has an empty argument in 
> current binding and data itself is provided by another call of 
> characters(). What is reason for this? Passing {Data  => 
> $data}directly in start_cdata() would make the communication between 
> SAX and DOM more straightforward and just one function would be called 
> instead of three. Am I missing anything?
> Petr

Petr Cimprich
Ginger Alliance