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RE: Language declaration question

At 05:09 31-08-2001, Hewko, Doug wrote:
>When I looked at a chart that has the encoding values available (ie. "UTF-8:
>Compressed Unicode", "ISO-8859-2: Latin-2; Eastern European", "EUC-JP:
>Japanese, Unix", etc), they all imply some language.

"Compressed Unicode" is not a language... and in any case, UTF-8 is 
sometimes compressed and sometimes expanded, depending on the characters 

>UT-8 is primarily the
>English characters.)

Where did you get this chart?  UTF-8 can represent all of Unicode.

>I thought they would be synonymous with "encoding" just
>being the language that the document was typed in. That is why I got
>Just to make sure I understand, all encoding does is translate the
>machine-coded values using a table into a standard "master" language that
>the processor can understand? Does all processors use Unicode? (ie. Would a
>Chinese version of MS IE 5.5 use the same Unicode that I would use?)

Unicode is Unicode is Unicode.  (Well, Unicode 2.0 is Unicode 2.0; Unicode 
3.0 is Unicode 3.0... newer versions add characters, and only ever 
deprecate, not remove, old ones.)

See the Unicode Web site, <URL: http://www.unicode.org/ > for some 

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