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Re: XML Public Indentifier

Nicolas LEHUEN wrote:

> Should we coalesce this thread with the one about URN for namespaces ? Isn't
> there a similarity between a DTD PUBLIC id and a namespace URN ?

Well, you can set the default namespace *within* the DTD, which may be
resolved from the PUBLIC id.

I just got caught with this using XPath in XSLT, when I was matching on 
some html. It worked as long as the DOCTYPE was not defined. This is 
because the the XHTML DTD (which was found via the SYSTEM url) defines a 
default namespace, as if you'd done <html xmlns="http://foo..."> in the 
source html document. XPath in XSLT without a namespace qualifier won't 
match the default namespace, so you have to locate the DTD, do a search 
for "xmlns" in it, define that namespace in your XSLT and then use the 
namespace in your XPath.

I'm sure you all know this, but I just thought I'd provide it as another 
possible example of the problems with default namespaces.