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Re: XML Schemas: Best Practices - Versioning

On 05/09/2001 20:26:27 Peter Piatko wrote:

>A possible issue with 3 & 4 is that,  AFAIK, the XML Schema rec does *not*
>require instance documents to specify the  location of the associated schema.
>If a particular instance doesn't do  this, then another convention must be
>found if the instance wants to make  explicit which version it complies with.

I mentioned this elsewhere, but from my conversations with W3C Schema people, the optionality of "schemaLocation" is meant to be for exceptional cases, and definitely not the rule, so I don't think that best practice methods need (or should) assume that it cannot be relied upon.  After all, deciding on what not to leave out is part of what best practices are about.

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