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[ANN] Redfoot 1.0 Released

With apologies for duplicates, we are delighted to announce the release of
Redfoot 1.0. Today marks the one year anniversary of the initial project
submission to SourceForge and so what better way to celebrate Redfoot's
first birthday than by releasing version 1.0?

Redfoot is an open source framework for building distributed data-driven
web applications with RDF and Python.

It can be used to develop personal or workgroup information environments,
community web sites or any kind of web application that involves managing
the relationships between different information objects in a consistent yet
extensible manner.

Redfoot includes:
    - in-memory RDF database
    - RDF parser and serializer
    - query API
    - templating language for building RDF-driven web-sites
    - reusable module architecture and sample modules (including
      schema-driven RDF editor module and RSS viewer module)
    - beginnings of a peer-to-peer architecture for communication between

Redfoot is distributed under a BSD-style license and is available at:


James Tauber and Daniel 'eikeon' Krech