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Node's content modification

Hi community,
i'm trying unsuccessfully to solve this problem:
i wrote a xml-file say:
<?xml... ?>

In the xml-schema file for this instance document i
fixed the maximum length of the elements "string" and
"integer" to say: 5
I wrote a xslt-file to transform the xml- to an
ascii-file.The problem ist that: i want in the
ascii-file the maximum length of each element to be
reach in this way:
 - if the element is a string or derived from it i
fill it with space to reach the maximum length(after
 - if it is an integer i write "0" prior to it.
For the example document beyond the result should be
 "xml  00123" but i always became it this way:"xml123"

How can i solve it smartly?

Any help will be appreciated.


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