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storing xml files into database

I am developing an internet based application where the the data of the users of that application is stored in xml format.
I expect about 1000 to 20000 total users of the system (and say about 100 users simultaneously accessing the system)
Naturally there is inconvenience in storing the xmls on the file system. I want to explore storing these xmls in the database. I need some inputs as to how the xmls can be stored in the rdbms database. Please provide me any insight regarding this.
I am looking for 2 solutions ; a zero cost solution and reasonable cost solutions (may be involving the xml aware databases like Ixiasoft xml server)
1. In considering a database as storage mechanism, what advantages I would get
2. In such scenario what other people do?
3. If I want to store the xmls in say MySQL, how do I do it and does mysql have any special features?
4. What about MS-SQL server;
5. Should xmls be stored as blobs in the rdbms databases?
6. Optionally, I am also looking for 'search' ability where the database should be able to index the elements of xml file and perform search.
Haresh Gujarathi