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Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> >Sorry, this one is just ludicrous.  Notepad isn't claiming
> >to be parsing XML.  It's not at all like having the IE6 XML
> >parser default to believing in "XML" that clearly is broken;
> >it's not creating/perpetuating an interop problem.
> >
> >Apples compare best against other apples, not oranges.

[ deletia restored ]

> Neither is IE.  I believe my very first response to this thread pointed
> out that IE is not an XML parser, and there is no such thing as an "IE6
> XML parser"

IE is certainly trying to process these alleged XML files; it's
displaying them using the same stylesheet rules it uses for
XML.  It's accepting them into XML processing flows.
And surely it's got a parser inside, to do all that.  The XML
spec places requirements on _processors_ such as IE6;
those are intended to apply to application layers, like IE6.

If it were treating them like NotePad and displaying them
like text (well, WordPad is a better example because Notepad
only handles CRLF style line ends) your argument would make
sense.  But it doesn't, so ...