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RE: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

While everyone is beating up on Joshua, let's not forget the line that
got blurred by MS Office with the garbage its "save as web page"
function emits. MS will tell you "but it was never meant as XML!!!"
Well, it's not HTML, either (at least, not by any standard I am familiar
with). There is a small cottage industry in "fixing" documents generated
by MS. Micrsoft is at a critical time in its history, I think. It can
learn to listen to its users and continue its success in the market, or
go the way that American car companies went when faced with competition
from companies that listened to their customers ("we want better

And as someone who specializes in marketing communications, Joshua, you
might want to watch the "ludricous" remarks (not good PR). Dealing with
these issues requires patience, even if you think your critics are
wrong. That's the burden of trillion dollar companies that dominate the
marketplace. I recommend some herbal tea and a salt bath.

Chuck White
The Tumeric Partnership
Advertising for the Next Generation.
Co-Author, Mastering XML, Premium Edition 
Sybex Books, May, 2001                        

> >Sorry, this one is just ludicrous.  Notepad isn't claiming
> >to be parsing XML.  It's not at all like having the IE6 XML
> >parser default to believing in "XML" that clearly is broken;
> >it's not creating/perpetuating an interop problem.
> >
> >Apples compare best against other apples, not oranges.

[ deletia restored ]

> Neither is IE.  I believe my very first response to this thread
> out that IE is not an XML parser, and there is no such thing as an
> XML parser"

IE is certainly trying to process these alleged XML files; it's
displaying them using the same stylesheet rules it uses for
XML.  It's accepting them into XML processing flows.
And surely it's got a parser inside, to do all that.  The XML
spec places requirements on _processors_ such as IE6;
those are intended to apply to application layers, like IE6.

If it were treating them like NotePad and displaying them
like text (well, WordPad is a better example because Notepad
only handles CRLF style line ends) your argument would make
sense.  But it doesn't, so ...

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