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RE: Client-side XSLT. Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> That's why I constantly ask for particular examples of
> client-side XSLT in production, not about 'what could be 
> done'. 

Have a look at the beer tutorials on my site. The same data is
transformed in many ways on the client without having to return to the
server. There are 3 or 4 different views, column sorting, filtering and
an SVG view. If this was implemented serverside then you would be sat
there for minutes waiting for the results. Going by the feedback I get
people are using this in production. Maybe they are only using it in
intranet/extranet solutions at the moment because of the failings of
netscape but that will change.

>Building distributed
> application with some funny interperter that was created for 
> absolutely 
> another purpose ( XSLT ) ? Sounds a bit *strange*.

What planet are you living on? Xslt was created for transforming xml.
Would using it on a server as you recommend change the perpose for which
it was created?

Ciao Chris

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