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RE: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bjoern Hoehrmann [mailto:derhoermi@gmx.net]
> * Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> >IE is a long ways further off, and probably the main blockage for
> >usage today.

I really hate the way it handles XML+CSS or even worse, XHTML+XML+CSS.
Although IE is a great platform for web developers to build upon, it
could have better CSS support. I find it irritating for a browser to
support client side transformations and XPath while not recognizing CSS
selector syntax e.g.: 
elem > childElem {/*...*/}
(I know we've been through this in www-style but I think it's worth
mentioning here).
Also, there are some bugs/weird behavior in IE6 when it comes on

> I still don't see any good reasons why I should use my own proprietary
> document language plus CSS for my homepage instead of XHTML plus CSS.

Neither do I. But, it makes sense when you design a *custom* graphical
application interface (although I feel forced to use SVG for this)
developed around your XML data.
Besides, if your markup can be rendered as XML+CSS then I don't think
it's "proprietary"!

> >XSLT is useful, but I can't see myself telling graphic designers at
> >(where I presented yesterday) that they _have_ to learn XSLT to get
> >information to a browser.

I would bring up the same example to prove the opposite; it is easy for
graphic designers to make (X)HTML templates for a developer to target
with XSLT+XML.

Kindest regards,