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RE: [ANN] IE Multiple Stylesheet Support

> Delivering your proprietary document language to a global
> audience, no matter how semantically rich the content might 
> be, is like writing W3C Technical Reports in Klingon - nearly 
> no one would be able to understand or use whatever is written 
> there and those TRs would be useless for the global audience 
> until someone provides translations. I really hope the 
> "XML+CSS" people will understand this one day.

I pulled together a couple of stylesheets from my tutorial section on
beer filtering to make
If you have netscape <6 you can "read" it. 
If you have netscape 6+ you might be able to see it although netscape 6
doesn't work correctly yet. If you have IE5+ msxml2 or ie6 I provide
translations in the form of various xslt stylesheets. If you have IE5+
msxml2 or ie6 and the adobe SVG viewer http://www.adobe.com/svg I
provide translations in the form of various xslt stylesheets and provide
graphical SVG output. You can choose which view you want by clicking on
the MSS Aware icon at the top. All transformations including sorting are
carried out on the client without having to round-trip to the server.
This is where some of us are trying to get to wether you are using a pc,
a handheld, a shopping trolly, an internet aware fridge or a head-up
display. I hope this gives some of you luddites something to think on.

Ciao Chris

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