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Re: [xml-dev] IP address pattern matching

At 01:37 17-09-2001, Matt Loryman wrote:
>Just for your interest this is what i decided to go with for providing a
>pattern match for IP addresses.
>Essentially this means "four groups of one to three numbers between zero and
>nine separated by periods".
>Doesn't cover all eventualities i know, but then again it doesn't stop
>somebody providing a perfectly valid
>but inaccurate IP address!

I'm not sure what you mean by "Doesn't cover all eventualities" - this 
accepts all valid IP addresses, but accepts invalid ones as well (as you note).

>          <simpleType>
>             <restriction base="string">
>               <pattern
>             </restriction>
>           </simpleType>

Another way to do it would be

             <restriction base="string">
               <pattern value=

That restricts each number to 0-255, with no leading zeroes.

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