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Re: [xml-dev] xml and combo

Why are you using XML/DOM at all? Why not just execute a SQL statement
and read the result set with ODBC/JDBC/etc.? Unless you're sending the
XML across the Web (or something similar), I can't see much reason to
use the XML at all.

Assuming you do have a good reason for using XML/DOM, see section 2 of
the following paper for information about mapping a result set to XML:


For Java pseudo-code, see section 2.2 of the following paper (you can
ignore the rest):


Finally, SAX would be faster than DOM for this purpose.

-- Ron

> Avital Nagar wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a SQL database. Using XML and DOM I have to populate a combo
> box with the data from the dbs table so that if I add new details to
> the table the combo will also display the new updated details. Can
> someone please help me? thanks