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[xml-dev] RELAX NG resources updated

I've updated my collection of resources for RELAX NG:

- There's a new version of Jing (a RELAX NG validator). This version is
intended to be fully conformant with the OASIS RELAX NG Specification.  Also
new in this version is support for pluggable datatype libraries using the
vendor-independent RELAX NG datatype library interface (from the relaxng
project at SourceForge).

- There's a new conformance test suite for the RELAX NG specification.  This
is far from perfect but it has over 300 tests, and should be useful for
anybody developing a RELAX NG validator.

The above are available from


I would also mention the availablity of DTDinst, which is Java program that
converts XML DTDs to XML instance format. It can generate either RELAX NG or
a DTDinst-specific format (which should be easily transformable into other
schema languages). The key feature of DTDinst is its handling of parameter
entities. It is able to reliably turn parameter entity declarations and
references into a variety of higher-level semantic constructs. Doing a good
job of converting parameter entities turns out to be really quite hard:
DTDinst is a considerably larger program that Jing. DTDinst is available