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Re: [xml-dev] Has XML run its course?

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Simon St.Laurent wrote:

> [No, I'm not suggesting that all of us working with XML abandon our
> projects and tools and retreat to binary formats or some such.]
> which provide a recipe for success.  Human-readable embedded markup seems
> to make a lot of people happy, as does the ability to edit such markup in a
> text editor if necessary.  The explicit structures of XML - those enforced
> end-tags - also seem to strike a chord with a lot of people, even some of
> those who complained initially.  Flexible hierarchical structures seem to
> make everyone except relational purists happy.

I strongly believe that the difference in data modeling provided by XML --
will definitely enable XML's existence. This will exist in research
circles, at least because of the difference (no necessity for
superiority, though I feel it is superior -- we have to prove to
relational purists that it is superior).

I am very much of a new-comer as compared with Simon, but the reason why
XML standards proliferate is because of the wide-spread access of
information to everyone -- it has its plusses, and also disadvantages.

Everyone makes mistakes, i am pretty sure I also would have made lots of
mistakes, what is required is growing up with our mistakes, and learning
from them, and admitting what is best for the field we are working on.

As far as I am concerned as a researcher, there are several frontiers of
XML research I wish to explore.

cheers and regards - murali.