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RE: JAXP and Java XML APIs (was RE: [xml-dev] difference bet. xer cesand crimson)

> I'd be very interested in hearing a more detailed explanation of the
> "difficulty in the DOM model".  (I'm hopelessly biased, having spent the
> last four years on the DOM WG -- but trying to be open minded!).
> I'd *guess* that the parts of the DOM model that people find difficult
> include:
> - Text nodes (a nice hack for mixed content, just another hassle everywhere
> else)

Strangely, Text nodes are one of the more-requested features that
folks either (a) like about dom4j or (b) want in JDOM.

> - CDATA sections (the InfoSet, perhaps wisely, treats them as syntax sugar)

JDOM and dom4j both have them.  

> But these are just my own prejudices, and I'd love to hear about other
> perspectives on what "gotchas" the DOM throws at them.

I personally haven't ever really used DOM, so I don't have much of a
basis.  I evaluated it a long time ago, against JDOM.  I've subsequently
come to favor dom4j.  JDOM just seemed simple, and dom4j gives me
pant-loads of power to do complex wacky stuff.

	-bob mcwhirter