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Re: [xml-dev] Query regarding attribute grouping in XML Schema

> > <element name="ADDRESS">
> >   <optional>
> >     <attribute name="doorno"/>
> >     <attribute name="streetname"/>
> >   </optional>
> > </element>
> I have no experience in RELAX-NG but this look like a good and simple way
> specifying the above constaint. But if this is how you specify that an
> element should either have no attributes or both then how would you
> that element ADDRESS can optionally have attributes doorno and streetname
> without the connection between the attributes?
> Would that be something like:
> <element name="ADDRESS">
>   <optional>
>     <attribute name="doorno"/>
>   </optional>
>   <optional>
>     <attribute name="streetname"/>
>   </optional>
> </element>
> or?

It would be exactly that.