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RE: [xml-dev] Has XML run its course?

No MS didn't originate the ideas and neither 
did the people on this list or the W3C.  Those 
ideas have their origins in operations research 
and are decades old.  That is beside the point. 
The point is having a working implementation that actually 
interoperates.  Whether achieved by a one browser 
world, blindly HTMLing, or a specification, the 
results count, not the origins.  MS is at least 
running the course instead of trying to get all 
the horses on yet another non-existent race track.

A modern surveillance state?  How about protection 
from the sponsored criminally insane?  Note the 
inclusion of the qualifiers, "policy mediated 
access".  The information is already there.   We depend 
on the very non-interoperability that most of 
us are here trying to change to keep it from 
being abused.   We need a better policy than 
"don't worry, the system is stupid" because 
that system is changing and we are the ones changing it. 

We are making that assertion:  XML-Dev.  We just don't like to 
think about the implications.  I prefer a system 
by which authorities are able to get information 
when they need it under the control of the law 
over a Humvee on every corner to protect against 
the thousand flowers blooming some of which include 
poison.  It's like PICS;  no one wanted it until 
the alternatives were understood.


-----Original Message-----
From: David Brownell [mailto:david-b@pacbell.net]

> I'm betting on MS and .net. 

It can't be primogeniture, they didn't originate the ideas.
Perhaps it's monopoly leverage you're betting on...

>         It does what is needed immediately.  If 
> the events of this month have escaped your attention, the one 
> thing pointed out in big bold colors is the need for reliable 
> policy mediated access to databases in real-time and post event. 

Darn, I must have missed that in all the hoopla about how
we need to create the first modern Surveillance State, as
part of being a good role model for the rest of the world.

Were was that assertion hiding?  :)