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[xml-dev] FYI: ebXML BPWS - PDF generation from XML for all BPWS Formsincluding additional SWOT

Today the Open ebXML project have released version 0.40 of the open
source XSLT Tools. This version adds full support of all Worksheets
forms (BPWS) as defined by ebXML Business Process Analysis Worksheets &
Guidelines v 1.0.

The BPWS are aimed at non-technical users and modelers working in
earlier stages of modeling business processes and collaborations using
UMM and/or ebXML. The BPWS may also serve a checklist for standardized
models when a previously specified business process is contributed to
UN/CEFACT for inclusion and incorporation as a standard business process

* XML version of BPWS Business Process Worksheets (BPWS)
* Supports all 15 Forms as defined in BPWS 1.0.
* PDF generation from XML using Apache FOP 0.20.1 and higher
* Utilizes SVG graphics for summary graphs and Process graphics.
* Additional SWOT Analysis Form, (strength, weakness,opportunity,

* This release of XSLT Tools for BPWS is the last Proof of Concept
release. The ongoing work is now focused on creating an alpha release
(approx. Q4) with a stable XML Schema.
* As always, comments and suggestions are welcome,

On the TODO list:
* Creation of DTD, XML Schema, (RelaxNG)
* Synchronization of XML Schema with UMM and BPSS Models
* Cleanup of XML Schema and addition of missing elements/attributes
* Improve graphical design.
* Add BPSS generation from BPWS document.
* Documentation
* Adding optional forms such as "General requirements capture".

ebXML: <http://www.ebxml.org>
Open ebXML project: <http://www.openebxml.org>
XSLT Tools sub project: 
PDF example (>700kb): 
XML Example: <http://www.openebxml.org/projects/ptools/txslt/bpws_en.xml>
Apache FOP:  <xml.apache.org>
Mailing lists: 

Whats next from Open ebXML?
XLIF - XML Log Interchange Format
    with XMIME - XML MIME Markup Language

Best Regards

/        Anders W. Tell   ,   Financial Toolsmiths AB         / 
/ email: <anderst@toolsmiths.se>  <http://www.toolsmiths.se>  /
/ Open ebXML: http://www.openebxml.org                        /