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[xml-dev] help w/ an intro XML talk

	I'm supposed to be giving a brief "intro to XML" talk to a 
technical audience that doesn't know anything about XML.  I was 
hoping I could look at some of the presentations the more experienced 
members of this list have given.  I know there have been links posted 
previously, but a quick search of the archive didn't turn up much.
	The talk is fairly straightforward -- cover the basics of 
well-formedness vs. validity, using XML parsers, SAX & DOM, a little 
on namespaces, briefly mention how XSLT / XPATH / Schema / everything 
else fits in the picture.  the talk is short ( < 30 min) so I'm not 
going to actual give any technical details -- more just give the 
audience an overview, explain why they should be interested, and tell 
them where to find out more about the various topics.

Imran Rashid