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   Re: [xml-dev] Re: What a namespace is.

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From: "Nicolas Lehuen" <nicolas.lehuen@ubicco.com>

> If does not require me to do it. Fine. But by giving example that do it,
> just make people have false assumption about namespaces. I don't think the
> debate about namespaces is closed ; but a sure thing is that RDDL is
> promoting an interpretation of namespaces that I don't agree with, and I
> hope you have read my previous postings sou you understand why.

Exactly, RDDL promotes a wrong interpretation of namespaces that would
create more mess, than it was before RDDL existance. And it works
exactly *against* the goals that I had when starting a long discussion
on Namespaces one year ago.

My only contribution to RDDL was a desire to decrease
the mess with Namespaces, and RDDL is increasing the mess.

RDDL is using my name as a 'Contributor'  to a document
that works *against* my ideas. I guess it is yet another joke.

To my surprise, I found that position of XSLT WG
( look at http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform ,
the content they provide there ) makes plenty of sense,
because it promotes the *correct* view on Namespaces.

I take back my words about 'place a readable documentation
at the end of the URI', because it is bad design and it is
more misleading to people than current
http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform is.

I'm implementing a design that would be consistent
with the view on Namespaces that is promoted by
XSLT WG ( and would also fix everything that is
broken in RDDL ) and that enforced me to look
at RDDL more closer.

I was surprised. It calls 'validation' a Purpose,
but  'software module'  is also a 'Purpose'
Should be 'Nature' actually.

That's no longer funny.

I would love to see a resume of Jonathan Borden.

My resume and resumes of many other contributors
to this thread are published on the web, but who is
Jonathan Borden and what has he done besides
publishing some XML-related stuff on a
bunch of websites and mailing lists is not clear.

1. The insulting letters that I got from him just for
saying the word 'RDDL'
2.  weak data modeling skills
3.  usage of  'me and other respected XML people'
4.  missing resume

this all makes  an image of very junior person, perhaps
some student?

If Jonathan Borden is a student, I would like to know

I tried finding his resume,  but the only thing
I found was that he is a rude person who insults people
who are unknown to him, like there is no tomorrow :


Let's play fair and see who is a 'nasty flamer' here.
Never in my *life* ( and my life in mailing
lists / Fido has  10+ years ) did I responded
to newbies'  letter in the way which is illustrated above.

Also there is a bunch of photos where
he does not look like a student, but still...

I want to know more about the person who is
feeding the world with this 'RDDL' thing.

As I've said before - *my* resume *is* available
on the web.

This kind of investigation is not typical for myself,
I rarely check people's background, because I
don't give a shit about who the person is and what
words do the person use, what is the color of his skin
e t.c.  if the person talks sense.

However, the aggressive behavior of this particular
person together with weak analytical skills
( what he has written in this thread is mostly misleading,
self-contradicting nonsense,  mixed with 'jokes' )
enforced me to try understanding who this person
is and the results of that quick 'investigation' are
more than strange.

Dear Jonathan Borden.

Do you exist in the real life, or you are a
virtual image, perhaps created by some teenager

Is there any way to get more information about
your background in computers?

I can gladly provide you with the similar information
about myself that could be of your interest. For example,
my homepage is http://www.pault.com and it has my
resume published.

Many thanks.



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