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   Re: [xml-dev] URIs harmful

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after a sensible person asked why don't you subscribe to xml-dev , ......so
a short majordomo / subscribe later.......and i get this pseudo academic
bullshite..........in less then 5 emails with the subject 'URI's are
harmful', geez If I thought I was subscribing to TAG I would have.....

'no Semantic Web systems require parsing of a URI in order to draw
conclusions about the URI. '
* I love it how sure someone can be when it involves a silicon chip

'I am in no way suggesting that semantic agents will parse URIs.'
*lordy lordy, what the hell is a semantic agent ! yikes ( flipping pages,
drinking double strength cheap coffee )

'In any case no major "Semantic Web" player advocates using "urn" URIs or
perhaps you and I have a different definition for the "Semantic Web" and
hang around in different theaters.'
*semantic web ? whats that mate, can I use XSLT on it ?

'I personally don't regard appeals to the vested authority of players as a
valid way to make decisions. '
*yes, those mystical druids of self promotion .....

'I will assume that you are speaking in your capacity as an employee of
Microsoft. '
* low blow, disallowed, its not his fault he got a nice job........

'Certainly the "Semantic Web" (capitalized) has been a project led by TimBLs
and the W3C.'
*analysis of semantics started a bit earlier, look in 17th century
literature ( and until a uri means something to machines and people...... )

' I'm pretty sure that most people wouldn't care what this argument is
about. I don't think there really _is_ a "global perspective" '
* my god something that makes sense ( and protect oil interests everywhere
..... )


I must admit that sometimes I think my wee little brain can't
understand..........is this not just a forum to see how smart we are ? why
not throw it over the wall and see what happens, lord knows we've done worst
in the past; in any event why not reduce the noise on this list and make it
useful, all you guys have big enough brains.

and here's me thinking that the semantic web would be useful some day
because I could solve domain independent problems using the genetic

cheers, jim fuller

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jonathan Borden" <jborden@attbi.com>
To: "Joshua Allen" <joshuaa@microsoft.com>
Cc: <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 11:37 PM
Subject: Re: [xml-dev] URIs harmful

> Joshua Allen wrote:
> [[
> > stacked up against that (third) view. In any case you are going to
> have to
> > articulate your view because I see no "FIRE".
> I hope you are not once again confusing your local perspective with the
> global one.  I think that many people see the problem exactly as I have
> stated it.  I think that many people have understood the many clear
> examples I've put forth of why it's crass to overload http: identifiers
> like this.  If *you* don't, it could mean that you aren't listening
> carefully enough, or are incapable of seeing reason.  It really doesn't
> matter what it means, though, since you aren't the person I have to
> convince.
> ]]
> I guess it comes down to this: I see peaceful coexistence of REST and the
> Semantic Web. I also _firmly_ believe the Semantic Web should be based on
> the current Web. Call that a local perspective, but it is a perspective
> shared by some but not all people who are spending time working on
> Web" sorts of problems.
> [[
> > actual fire. In any case no major "Semantic Web" player advocates
> using
> Gee, what would it take for me to become a big-time "semantic web
> playa"?  Silly I'd have thought that one could know who the players are
> by their fruits.  But I don't see any fruits other then a few
> locally-contextual proofs-of-concept, and the people who think HTTP
> extends to "infinity and beyond".
> ]]
> I don't mean to imply that you as a person are not a "major player" but
> since you are using your microsoft.com email, I will assume that you are
> speaking in your capacity as an employee of Microsoft. Certainly the
> "Semantic Web" (capitalized) has been a project led by TimBLs and the W3C.
> The RDFCore and WebOnt WGs, have participation from a _wide_ variety of
> folks, both academic and industry, large and small. Among companies the
> of Microsoft, participation includes: IBM, Sun, HP, Philips, Lucent.
> Microsoft has been notably missing. Why not join? If it is not a
> activity then why say that x, y or z view is important to the SW? Who
> care?
> In any case, what I meant to say was that the position you've taken is not
> one that is dealt with, or much discussed, among the SW community.
> Now all the activities of the SW WGs are totally out in public so anyone
> free to scour the emails, as well as those from daml.org,
> www-rdf-logic, and rdfig.xmlhack.com . You will see that I am correct
> this _specific issue_ not being a major topic of conversation -- although
> some related issues are discussed.
> And on the other hand, I freely admit that the "range of http" issue has
> been one of great contention and to be perfectly honest, although I am
> leaning more and more toward Fielding's position, I am not totally
> one way or the other, and so, yes, if you were able to come up with a
> persuasive argument, I really would be willing to listen. Instead, you
> to be saying the same thing over and over.
> As for most of the public. I'm pretty sure that most people wouldn't care
> what this argument is about. I don't think there really _is_ a "global
> perspective"
> Jonathan
> speaking _only_ for myself i.e. locally
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