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RE: [xml-dev] Microsoft Hypes Up XUL As The Greatest Expiriment S ince Adam And Eve

How polite were the XULers to others who had invented 
similar things before they got to it?  XUL doesn't 
'own' it either and XML doesn't care.

The polemic of 'standards and interoperability' just 
doesn't wash anymore.  It is a good idea for owners 
of similar information who must share tasks to standardize 
on data definitions.  But the "thou shalt not imitate" 
polemic just doesn't wash because it is a spy vs spy 
game where some group claims they are more standard 
because they claim to be first when in fact, only 
implementation proves the code and only market willingness 
to embrace that code amplifies the claim to be 'standard'. 

The MID guys got to it before the XULers.  Quite possibly, 
others got to it before the MID guys.  The HTMLers shouted 
down anything not of their own making, and got away with 
that for a while.  Not any more.  Innovation, that is, 
technology that survives with or without a business plan, 
still drives the technical revolution.  Failing to sell 
as well as someone else who reinvents or reengineers an 
old idea is just failing.  No more important; no less. 
One can't just win in the marketplace of ideas; one has 
to win in the marketplace of products.

No Plan = No Product = No Buyer = No Sale = No Pay.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gerald Bauer [mailto:luxorxul@yahoo.ca]

  Well, my point was that Microsoft doesn't care about
standards and blissfully ignores CSS and reinvents the
wheel to take full control.

Will Microsoft play together with others? Of
course, not. They want it all for themselves.

  The main point of XML is interoperability as far as
I know. If you tell the world my way or the highway
how is this true to the XML charter?

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