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   Re: [xml-dev] SAX for Binary Encodings (preserving investment) (ASN.1and

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Bob Wyman wrote:
 >     Fortunately, it appears that Objective Systems already provides a
 > SAX-like interface for ASN.1 defined binary encodings and OSS Nokalva
 > is working on a SAX interface for ASN.1 defined encodings. There is a
 > paper that talks about the Objective Systems implementation at:
 > http://www.obj-sys.com/docs/ASN1CEventHandlersWhitePaper.pdf

This is a good thing to point to if you want to convince people that 
ASN.1 can't handle "real XML". Where are the attributes, processing 
instructions, etc.?

However, assuming all of SAX *could* be implemented...

 > 	Reading the paper, it becomes clear why Objective Systems'
 > implementation is "SAX-like" rather than being simply "SAX." The
 > issues that caused them to diverge from plain-vanilla SAX are ones
 > that will need to be dealt with by any project which attempts to build
 > SAX support for binary encodings -- whether they are the ASN.1 defined
 > encodings or some new-fangled "binary XML" which might get invented
 > (but hopefully not patented...)
 > 	SAX assumes that the data it is reading is all of "character"
 > type. SAX has no access to a schema file and thus has no idea of the
 > real type of the characters it reads. However, a binary encoding will
 > typically pass data in a form more appropriate for its type. Thus, an
 > integer will be passed as something like a 32-bit value, not a string
 > of characters. So, to build a "pure SAX" interface to a binary
 > encoding, you would have to convert all the binary values to
 > characters before passing them to the SAX event handlers. Of course,
 > the first thing a lot of event handlers will do is convert the strings
 > back into binary types like integers. The result is, of course, often
 > wasteful silliness. It causes performance problems, memory
 > fragmentation due to all the string allocations, etc.
 > 	So, while SAX interfaces to binary encodings allow us to do
 > things like use XSLT processors on binary data, they also raise some
 > issues about the SAX interface itself. Knowing that people are already
 > implementing SAX interfaces to binary data, it probably makes sense to
 > carefully consider at this point how to handle this problem so that
 > standardized solutions can be implemented. That would be much better
 > than each developer or vendor coming up with their own interpretation
 > of what SAX for binary encodings looks like.
 > 	There are a number of possible solutions:
 > 	1. Insist that all binary types be converted to strings.

Well, yes. First implement SAX 2 with no exceptions.

 > 	2. Define an "extended SAX" that passes data with descriptors
 > that show the type of data. Thus, a program would be told the type of
 > the data being passed and could call a ToString or ToInteger function
 > as needed.

Yes, too.

 > 	3. Provide a "mode switch" which could be called to modify the
 > behaviour of SAX. If "StringsOnly" was set to true, then only strings
 > would be generated, if "allowTypes" was set, then types would be
 > passed by descriptor.
 > 	4. Other options?
 > 	What makes the most sense here?

If the subject is interoperatility with XML applications, unquestionably 
the priority must be to implement SAX 2 as it is.

The extension in 2 above could serve as a useful prototype for a "SAX 3" 
that can return non-string values. This API would be helpful both to 
ASN.1-encoding users who wish to obtain optimal performance and 
XML-encoding users who want to use schema-driven conversion to internal 

Bob Foster

 > 		bob wyman
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