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Re: [xml-dev] GPL and XML and Schemas

On 11/24/06, Robert Koberg <rob@koberg.com> wrote:
> GPL = I will walk around in public nude, you can look, but if you are
> not nude and you cannot take a picture of me and if you do you cannot
> use it in any way. (I could expand on this thought...)

Making a photo of yourself nude, is more like compiling. Even If GCC
is GPL (or whatever) the resulting code dont need to be GPL. If the
author of the photo share the photo as GPL, the derivative work from
that photos will be GPL.

Mora laws can stack on the distribution of photos of yourself nude.
Important laws if you are less than 18 years old.

> There is no way to know what is appropriate with GPL.

Except read the related documentation about, and the license itself,
or ask on forums.

> They can change
> any way they want. What used to be able to be downloaded and used on a
> machine, can be considered a deployment (liable for 10s/100s/1,000s of
> thousands of dollars) - do you know how you are using GPL software.

You can license as GPLv2 only, like the Linux Kernel, or you can
license as GPLv2 or superior. If you license something as GPLv2 and
superior, is because you want a updated license always on your code
and your derivative code.
The FSF design future versions of the license to safe your freedom,
and the freedom of FOSS software, so I dont think paying money will be
added. Or you can stop *distributing* that software.

Most FOSS software lack a EULA license. This mean theres no
restrictions of use. You can get GPL software and mix with whatever
incompatible software you have. The result can't be distributed, but
will work.  Example:  you can use a non-FOSS garbage collector and
leak detector for a C program on top of your OSS licensed application.

> (How many GPL-ites believe in DRM?)

I will hate if DRM is inflict in me. And will activelly avoid stuff
with DRM. But I am evil myself, so I have uses for DRM.  As only.... I
can make software that detect a competitor application, and drop the
conexion.  Tivo use DRM to force people use binarys only from Tivo,
not from elsewhere.

I make a game engine, and I hate some map makers, because are real
stupid people (but very smart). I can make a md5 of his maps, and
modified my engine to avoid loading that maps, to fuck that mappers.
Thats own fun DRM can be. Of course, like guns, Is fun if you inflict
on others, but is not fun if is inflicted on you.

Will be very popular soon, to force media consumer to pay per view and
stop consumer "buing things".

 - You pay once 30 $
Future with DRM
 - You pay once 20 $ to right to open/download/install/subscribe
 - You pay 10 $ to play
 - You play 10 $ to play

This continuis stream of money seems really lovable for banks and
account people. Is much better to have a constant source of money than
instants flux.

IMHO, is really horrible and evile, but can have 1 nice side effect :
may change the industry from hit -driven to quality driven. And this
is a good thing.

> Or, bring on some lawyers - isn't that great!

Lawyers are fun, are like programmers but his code is always bloated
and obfuscated. I love Latin, too.

> Oh, SUN GPL'd java... hmmmph


> Oh, for those who think this is FUD, ask Sleepycat (major player in the
> GPL) if you (being, say, a non-profit but not open source) can develop
> with their DB on your local machine and then download their DB to a
> remote server to use. You can't - not without paying. It is a
> deployment. How many other companies are going to use this (SUN)?
> OK. time fo nother glass o wine

Java is GPLv2  fixed. Not automatically superior.

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