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Re: [xml-dev] Namespaces enable recognition of the type of document, but what about recognition of the instance?

Actually in Denmark the FESD standards provide some of what Roger is
asking after, however all relevant documentation that I am aware of is
in Danish. There was also a project, that never went anywhere as far
as I know, for unique identifiers for digital resources so that you
would be able to refer to all instances of a digital version of book
as having the same id, this project however is also in Danish.

As an example of some of the FESD documentation on this issue - from
(translation inline where useful)

<quote>2. Identifikator
Navn identifikator
Engelsk navn identifier

Defition En tekststreng, et tal eller en karakterkombination, der bruges til
unik identifikation af ressourcen i afsenderes system.
URI/namespace http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/identifier
translate: An identifier is a string, a number or a character
combination, that is used for unique identification of the resource in
the senders system.

Bemærkning Unik identifikation af ressourcen kan gentages, da der kan være flere
typer. Der kan fx både være et lokalt sagsnr. og et lokalt dokumentnr
(afhængigt af ESDH-system). For dokumenter vil det være
relevant at medtage både det lokale sagsnummer og det lokale dokumentnummer.
Bemærk også, at URN er (Uniform Ressource
Names) anbefales af arbejdsgruppen vedrørende unikke identifikatorer
til indpakning af identifikatorer ved udveksling.
translate: Unique identification of the resource can be repeated, as
there can be multiple types of identification. There can be, as an
example, both  a local case number and a local document number
(dependent on the Electronic Case and Document handling system) For
documents it would be relevant to take both the local case number and
the local document number - note also that URN is preferred by the
workgroup on unique identifiers  for establishment of identifiers to
data exchange.

Eksempel Sagsnr: 2004-112/221-0015
URN: uuid:6e9bc430-9c3b-11d9-6438-0800200c9a54

the above is an example case number and URN id.

The aforementioned workgroup is the one that was handling unique
identifiers for the Danish government. The were originally going to
use XRIs for their unique identifiers, but as it looked like the XRI
group would not be done in time for the standard to be usable in the
Danish work on it this was dropped in favor of URNs. The reason to use
URNs was because the Danish parliament already had a unique identifier
system based on unique identifiers - IIRC.

Anyway - back to work to now. :)

Bryan Rasmussen
On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 12:58 PM, bryan rasmussen
<rasmussen.bryan@gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1. Is it best practice to include an enterprise-wide identifier in each business document?
>  what happens if the identifier can't be dereferenced?
>> 2. Is it best practice to use namespaces to identify the type of an XML document,
> I believe it is best practice to use the concatenation of the
> namespace and the document element - but it is not universal alas.
>>and an enterprise-wide identifier to identify the instance?
> I think most people, looking at the example you give, would say that
> best practice is instead to explicitly markup all the branching in the
> message sourcing, so that instead of having a unique id you would have
> an element that specifies that this claim is made by the doctor, and
> this one by the patient and so on and so forth.
>> 3. Is there a standard for creating enterprise-wide identifiers?
> URIs?
>> 4. Is there a standard way of expressing enterprise-wide identifiers in an XML document?
>>   - above I used a very simple <id>...</id> element
>> 5. Is the requirement for an enterprise-wide identifier something that you would put in a business requirement's document, or is it something that a system implementer adds on his own initiative?
> business requirement if the use is to make your data format
> interoperable with some other technology- for example we want every
> claim to be accessible via the browser then we say that every claim
> has a http address and its address is included in the id element in
> the document.
> system implementor if the business requirement says something like:
> the system must be able to prevent multiple instances of the same
> claim from being processed.
> Cheers,
> Bryan Rasmussen

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