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[New!] My Daily Diary of Validation

Hi Folks,

Thanks Rick, Frank, and Alexander for your comments. The distinction between validation and verification has been illuminating. Wikipedia says that validation is, "Are you building the right thing?" and verification is, "Are you building the thing right?" I've recast my diary to consist of, I think, entirely validations.


I wake up. I walk down stairs and get a can of V-8 juice from the 'frig. Before I open it I validate that its expiration date is greater than the date on my calendar.

Tonight there's a nice movie on TV. I set the VCR to record the show. I validate the time and channel against that listed in the TV Guide.

I'm short on groceries. I write a list of items I need. I go to the store and shop. When finished, I validate the items in my shopping cart against the items on my grocery list.

The cashier tells me the total cost for the groceries. I validate the total against the total I computed on my calculator. 

Time for work. I start my car. My car's computer validates the sensor readings (oil level, fuel level, and engine RPM) against the factory-expected values. 

As I drive I pass a speed limit sign. I validate that the reading on my speedometer is less than or equal to that posted on the sign. 

My GPS tells me to, "Take the next right onto Route 3 south." I validate the sign at the entrance to confirm it says "Route 3 south." 

My GPS tells me to, "Take exit 27." I validate the sign on the exit ramp to confirm it says "exit 27."

I arrive at the subway station. I need cash for the subway train. At the ATM I validate the amount it dispensed against the amount I entered on its keypad.

Before getting on the subway train I validate that it is the right one by comparing the train number against the number listed on the directions that I brought with me. 

Before getting off the subway train I validate that the stop is the right one by comparing the name posted at the stop against the name listed on the directions that I brought with me.

I arrive at the office. The guard validates that the picture on my badge matches my face.

I need to FAX a document. I validate the direction of my document against the direction icon on the FAX machine. After FAX'ing I validate that my document was sent to the right number by examining the phone number on the FAX receipt against the phone number on my document.

I check my inter-office mail. I received a letter. I validate that the mail stop number on the letter matches the number on my mail box.

I need to send an email message. I validate that the recipient is in my address book.

Time to go home. I need to first pick up a prescription. I validate that the prescription is correct (it is mine and the medicine is the right one).

Time for bed. I check my calendar for tomorrow's meetings and validate that the alarm is set at least 3 hours prior to the first meeting. 


Validation is fundamental. It is not a one-time event - it occurs continuously. It confirms that my action is consistent with a "standard."  


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