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Re: [xml-dev] element census tool?

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net> wrote:
* Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>I know I could write this myself, but suspect someone else has already
>done a better job of it - and I just don't know the right Google
>keywords to summon it.
>I'm looking for a tool that I can feed an XML document, and it will tell
>me which element names were used in the document.
>Attributes used on those elements would be a bonus, as would a frequency
>count for usage, but mostly I'm just trying to survey a collection of
>(DocBook) documents quickly.

As this is turning into a rosetta code excercise,

Which I think is a useful thing.  Scheme anyone?  Haskell?  Ruby?

let me throw in C#:

 var elems = XDocument.Load(path).Root.DescendantsAndSelf();
 var attrs = elems.Attributes()
   .GroupBy(x => new { Attr = x.Name, Elem = x.Parent.Name });

 foreach (var elem in elems.GroupBy(x => x.Name))
   Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", elem.Count(), elem.Key);


 foreach (var attr in attrs)
   Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}/@{2}", attr.Count(),
     attr.Key.Elem, attr.Key.Attr);

Just to be clear, that's C# with LINQ, right?  (IIRC LINQ is not part of the language def).

Though it would seem the GNU-ish way to solve this would be having a
tool that prints out all the element names and attribute/element paths
and then use, say, `sort | uniq -c` on it.

Yeah, but if you've already gone through the exercise of parsing the XML, do you really save much by punting to pipes for the most generic bits?

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