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Re: [xml-dev] XML Schema question

Maybe it will catch on so much in Redmond that the guys responsible for their
servers, platforms and database get hooked on it too :-) Last time I looked
there didn't seem to be anything serious that would run RNC or RNG in .NET
though :-(  I probably won't get far in my environment running
anything in a JVM.
RNG guys are certainly persistent though. And thanks for those links to Trang.

On 01/03/2011, Evan Lenz <Evan.Lenz@marklogic.com> wrote:
> Again, you should look at trang. I've routinely used RELAX NG in (past)
> consulting work for companies and toolsets that only support XSD,
> including big software companies in Redmond... After I leave, some clients
> continue to use the RNC->XSD workflow; some ignore it and work only from
> XSD. Either way, I would get to use RNC (RELAX NG Compact syntax).
> http://www.thaiopensource.com/relaxng/trang.html
> http://code.google.com/p/jing-trang/
> Evan Lenz
> Software Developer, Community
> MarkLogic Corporation
> On 3/1/11 1:39 AM, "Stephen Green" <stephengreenubl@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Many thanks Evan. Looks like MicroXSD needs a bit more added to it then.
>>I'll have to add simpleContent, extension and extension/@base for the bare
>>bones functionality of data-typed elements which have attributes (even
>>with or
>>without child elements). To do this I might have to rethink my versioning
>>do that ugly trick and have a version 2012 in 2011! :-)
>>As for RNG, I guess that gets decided by your toolset. If it were ever
>>the case
>>that say C# and SQL Server (my tools of trade) supported it maybe I'd
>>For now I'd guess a majority or near majority of web developers have to
>>with W3C XML Schema so for them a subset of it like MicroXSD might be more
>>pertinent to their work than a subset of RelaxNG. I imagine that picture
>>not change, for a long time at least.
>>Many thanks though.
>>On 28/02/2011, Evan Lenz <Evan.Lenz@marklogic.com> wrote:
>>> It sounds like you want a "complex type with simple content." Here's an
>>> example: http://www.datypic.com/books/defxmlschema/chapter13.html#EX172
>>> I agree that there should be a simpler way to do this (though there
>>> isn't). And that's one of the reasons I prefer using RELAX NG (and often
>>> trang to convert to WXS).
>>> Evan Lenz
>>> Software Developer, Community
>>> MarkLogic Corporation
>>> On 2/28/11 10:34 AM, "Stephen Green" <stephengreenubl@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>I've been looking again at this MicroXSD subset of W3C XML Schema
>>>>and thought I had made a glaring omission but now I wonder whether
>>>>the omission is actually there in proper W3C XML Schema. As I try
>>>>to write examples of how to use the subset I have started with simple
>>>>'Hello World' XML
>>>>Now to write a schema for this is easy - just use a simpleType - simple!
>>>>I tell the reader they can use <restriction base="string"/> to say that
>>>>the content of the element is to be a string. Fine.
>>>>But next I just want to add an attribute, say
>>>><Hello from="Steve">World</Hello>
>>>>Why should that be difficult? I just want to keep on saying that the
>>>>of the element is a string though. To add an attribute I understand I
>>>>to switch to a complexType, don't I? But how on earth do I do that AND
>>>>keep my strong typng of the element content? Am I missing the obvious?
>>>>When faced with this before I dropped the datatyping of the element and
>>>>specified mixed content for the complexType but surely that's not
>>>>is it?
>>>>Stephen D Green
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>>Stephen D Green

Stephen D Green

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