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Re: [xml-dev] Why is text marked up ?

After the fall of the roman empire, a lot of know culture was sort of
"lost". But not everywhere or completelly. In spain, cristian monks
and moors where copying old books from Aristotele and Platon.  The
point of copying was to recreate new copies, not modified versions.
Anotations where needed, sometimes, because these text where written
in latin, while the copier and the readers would use modern versions
of latin, so reading the original text was hard.  In some cases
cristian moonks would copy books preserved by the moors, and probably
remove any moor anotation, and add his own.  Some sort of
cooperative-competitive effort.

On 20 January 2012 09:32, Michael Hopwood <michael@editeur.org> wrote:
> Hi Mr. Quin,
> I know this is barely an XML question any more, but despite my raw newness to this list I couldn't resist chiming in slightly lightheartedly on this point:
> " a lot of our Western manuscript tradition came out of an idea that there was an Original Text that was Divinely Inspired by the Goddesses, and that could not be improved upon by mortals... "
> I'm sure this attitude may well exist in some form in the "Western manuscript tradition". It's not something I'm very familiar with in my reading of it though, not until very recently in history (fundamentalism) or possible very, very old texts.

I am pretty ignorant about history, but this is what I know:

I think in the dark age things like religion, politics, science, etc,
where a single thing.  The books where the "dogma of the power".
Giordona Bruno got burned for writting againt Aristotelian texts.
(from the wikipedia)
"In October 1585, after the French embassy in London was attacked by a
mob, Bruno returned to Paris with Castelnau, finding a tense political
situation. Moreover, his 120 theses against Aristotelian natural
science and his pamphlets against the mathematician Fabrizio Mordente
soon put him in ill favor. In 1586, following a violent quarrel about
Mordente's invention, "the differential compass," he left France for

Is not just a religious issue, since power and state was one, so
attacking one was attacking the other. Separation of religion and
state was not invented yet. Aristotelian natural science was part of
the official dogma, and attacking that was atacking the whole.  Took
centuries for the powers to accept science.

The excuse that a text is "Inspired by the Goddesses" sounds like the
type of medieval maneuver to flag scientist as "terrorist". It totally
fit the era psychology. I don't know if really did. Probably.

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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