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Re: [xml-dev] Support for XML 1.1?

At 2012-10-01 16:06 +0000, Costello, Roger L. wrote:
>Thanks for the excellent responses to my previous posting.
>It appears that using XML 1.1 is the best way to go for supporting 
>all the US-ASCII characters.
>3. Why isn't everyone using XML 1.1?

We already are!

XML 1.1 states that if you aren't using a 1.1 feature though shalt 
use the 1.0 declaration:

   Last paragraph
   (though I see now it is "should" not "shall" ... I've always remembered
    it incorrectly as "shall")

Thus, every XML 1.0 instance is by definition also an XML 1.1 instance.

>4. Is there any reason for not using XML 1.1?

Only use 1.1 if you need a 1.1 feature.  If you are not using a 1.1 
feature then using the 1.0 will be more inclusive for processors that 
might decide they don't like your instance because by declaring 1.1 
you're declaring that you'll be using something they don't understand.

>5. Do you use XML 1.1?

Only when I need to, and I cited the example in my earlier post 
(copied below) which happen to be the only time I have ever needed to 
for a client.

So, I have always followed the advice of the specification:  only use 
"1.1" when you need 1.1 features.  If you don't need any 1.1 feature, 
labeling the instance 1.1 is misleading.  Users seeing that may 
anticipate that the instance is actually using a 1.1 feature.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

At 2012-10-01 10:23 -0400, I wrote:
>Use XML 1.1 and you get all characters except NUL.
>One of my clients needed control characters in a text result in 
>order to control a legacy agate printing system for sports scores in 
>newspapers (the tiny print of baseball box scores for 
>example).  Thankfully, NUL is not one of the control characters 
>needed.  I wrote XSLT that produced all of the needed control 
>characters and the results are made public here:
>The top-most stylesheet fragment is here:
>The HTML documentation for the stylesheet library is here, produced 
>by my XSLStyle documentation methodology:
>Using the above stylesheets if I want hex 0x01 to be represented in 
>my XML or my XSLT I use the entity reference ￑.  As a 
>sequence of 8 characters it is not, itself, an invalid Unicode 
>character, rather, it is only represented as such in memory.  The 
>raw invalid Unicode character never shows up in any file which would 
>then make the Unicode file invalid.

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