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Re: [xml-dev] XML/XSL Revision Control/ Source Code Versioning: Ideas,Methods, Tools for Specific scenario as a Content Writer?

On 12/10/2012 09:54 PM, Liam R E Quin wrote:> On Mon, 2012-12-10 at 
19:27 +0100, Johannes.Lichtenberger wrote:
 >> I'm developing a versioned DBMS [1],
 > A couple of thoughts on your readme/overview page...
 > . I'm pleased to see XQuery used as the query language, togetehr with
 > update - not only because of pushing W3C technologies ;) but because 
 > it actually works and helps users.

Thanks, but this is Brackit(.org) which I extended with temporal 
enhancements (should be usable for any other temporal storage system as 
well). As of now it doesn't support Namespaces, but I'll work on it.

BTW: I just reassigned DeweyIDs during "real" moves, that is the nodes 
and their identitys aren't destroyed and without storing the DeweyIDs it 
should be really fast (just changing a few pointers). So now a path 
summary (without storing node-IDs for each path) is kept up-to-date and 
the DeweyIDs.

 > . Think about JSON early on, not late, because although it has an
 > ordered hierarchy of content objects, it has arrays and hashes, which
 > fit badly with both XQuery and XML data models. A future XQuery will
 > likely address this, although in the meantime there's JSONIQ.

I think JSON is already partly supported in Brackit, but I think no 
persistent functionality (at least not in Sirix), but I can simply add 
other node/record types. I always thought about mapping the JSON 
arrays/hashes to XDM nodes, but it seems that's not the way to go? That 
means we would also need further index structures (besides the 
value-indexes and perhaps element-indexes, which include references to 
the path summary).

 >> [...] Swing-GUI
 > Move to the One Web Platform. Java user interfaces are as outdated as
 > they've always looked :-)

Hm, I think the JDKs are much more consistent. However JavaScript 
libraries as for instance d3 from Mike Bostock seem to work in the major 

But let's say I'm also intrigued by JavaFX and a Client/Server model 
(open dolphin).

 >> However, I'd appretiate any help, the system also supports temporal
 >> XPath/XQuery extensions, for instance time-aware axis to navigate in
 >> time (very similar to the axis from the ETH project "Time Machine").
 > THis is very interesting indeed.

Thanks for your comments. Maybe someone might be using it, as I'm not 
aware of any users right now ;-) This would certainly fasten up the 
development, even if I'm the only developer right now (but at least it's 
_very_ motivating).

kind regards

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