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[ANN] Release of Xmplify 1.3

MOSO is happy to announce the release of Xmplify XML Editor for Mac OS X Version 1.3

Improvements in Xmplify 1.3:

  • This is the first 64-bit beta release of Xmplify - with this release, there is no longer any fixed upper bound on the size of documents that Xmplify can open. Of course, there are practical limits - the resources available on your Mac :)
  • Xmplify now looks for and tries to reuse an existing XSL transformation results window when re-applying the same transformation, instead of creating a new results document for every transformation. Prevoius XSL transformation results documents that have been edited since they were generated are not re-used, so any edits you make to transformation results won't be over-written if you re-apply the transformation.
  • Changes to open documents are now visible to any other open documents that use or incorporate them. For example, it's no longer necessary to save edits made to an XSD or DTD in order for Xmplify to use the updated schema or DTD when working with a document that references it.
  • Improved performance of document parsing and markup.
  • Improved responsiveness when editing larger documents.
  • Improved performance of schema derivation.
  • Improved auto-completion performance, particularly for very complex schemas.
  • Improved specificity of datatypes when deriving schemas for documents that don't have a schema or DTD.
  • Improved quality of document parsing and validation messages.
  • Document validation is now skipped for documents that auto-generate their own specification.
  • Documents that contain an XML schema are now parsed for internal consistency according to the XSD spec, with errors and warnings updated in real time as the document is edited.

Fixes in this release:

  • Fixed crash when using a DOCTYPE SYSTEM ID that starts with "about:". Thanks to Leif Halvard Silli for the bug report.
  • Fixed crash when using documents that refer to external entities with CDATA nodes.
  • Fixed bug that limited the document editor to only display the first 800,000 (or so) lines of large documents.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Tools | Derive XML Schema from working for documents with more than one namespace. (Automatic schema derivation and Tools | Derive & Save XML Schema weren't affected by this bug.)
  • Fixed bug that caused mismatches between the selection in the outline view and the text pane when both a parent node and one or more of its children were selected. Thanks to Thomas Haines for the bug report.
  • Fixed bug that prevented correct markup when the document contains an internal DTD subset that references a parameter entity that can't be resolved. Thanks to Kurt Parker for the bug report.
  • Fixed crash when cancelling an in-progress parse that is part-way through processing an input stream for a parameter entity. Thanks to Kurt Parker for the bug report.
  • Fixed bug that caused Goto Specification to fail for nodes whose XPath includes a mix of default and prefixed namespaces. Thanks to Eric Eastman for the bug report.
  • Fixed bug that prevented schema location parsing from working unless each namespace URI/schema URL pair was separated from each other by exactly one space, and from each other namespace URI/schema URL pair by exactly one space.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements.

Xmplify is available for Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.6+. For more information and to download and try Xmplify for yourself visit http://xmplifyapp.com.




MOSO Xmplify XML Editor - Xmplary XML for Mac OS X

w: http://xmplifyapp.com
t: @xmplify

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