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RE: [xml-dev] The JSON Data Interchange Format (ECMA standard,October 2013)

>> Herman 
    I fully understand that you do not like JSON, and why.
-- Correct, I dont.

   But for me that is not the point, the point is whether you want support
   integration between XML and JSON systems or not.
--- Yes I do.  Very much so.  I would very much like to be markup agnostic and play in my box and give out toys that others can play with in their box without  bothering each other much.   I just wish it was actually so simple.

at $EMPLOYER I am the responsible for integrating JSON with XML at the core level.  
This is one reason I am *particularly annoyed* with JSON,  because unlike claims, its actually damn hard to interop with it.
But I do realize it is important to try to interop.   Again, this is why I am particularly annoyed with *statements made in JSON specs*  claiming its features inherently are good for interop when IMHO they are particularly BAD for interop.
And to help with the effort instead of just flame (sorry I do use this soapbox to flame ...)
I have been giving great effort to the cause of *trying* to come up with ways to interop with JSON, and also bringing
experiments to light to help people decide when and why they would choose it.

to name a few ...

* "JXON: an Architecture for Schema and Annotation Driven JSON/XML Bidirectional Transformations"
 * http://www.balisage.net/Proceedings/vol7/html/Lee01/BalisageVol7-Lee01.html

"Fat Markup: Trimming the Fat Markup Myth one calorie at a time"
* http://www.balisage.net/Proceedings/vol10/html/Lee01/BalisageVol10-Lee01.html

   Finally, since JSON is reality, why not use the power of XQuery on
   processing it by JSONiq?

Because, while I admire the attempt, I dont particularly like the details of how JSONiq models JSON and integrates into XQuery.   Not to dis the hard work that has been done, but I think  it can be done better.  But it is *hard* so I understand
in quite depth why it has not (yet), and why I myself have not done any better.  Although I have seen some great theoretical ideas/papers/presentations that come closer to what I think would make a better model of JSON in XQuery.

Plus - as a personal issue - the processors for which JSONiq is implemented are not the processors I use, and am not
going to switch processors just for better/different JSON support ... while I am very much interested in helping others interop with JSON, I, myself, rarely find any need for it in my work or play.   And when I do, I use the tools I am more familiar with such as xmlsh's support for JSON, or of course the tools/libraries I have written for $EMPLOYEER.

David A. Lee

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