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Re: [xml-dev] parsing markup with Perl

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 1:54 PM, Michael Sokolov <msokolov@safaribooksonline.com> wrote:
I do agree that Perl lends itself to confusing coding idioms, but at least it doesn't have inheritance (not really).  Java programmers I have worked with seem to have become so deliriously enamored of formal conventions ("patterns," they call them), that they tend to ignore the actual problem at hand.  "Ah wait!" they say, "here is an opportunity to decorate the interface with a delegation facade!" Every language has its pitfalls. C++, yes, very scary traps, but in the end I find that bad taste knows no linguistic bounds.  Bad programmers will be bad.

interesting thread (Perl, regex, etc...), raised a few thoughts for me which I couldn't resist expatiating ....

Perl's multi-paradigm (it does have objects and a whole lot more) provided many arrows for the quiver and a multi stringed bow with which to solve problems (and still does).

I too was (and still am) a DPH ... something that has been interesting to observe over the years that in the 90's it was possible to code in a single language like Perl ... learning a dsl for text (regex) was a walk in the park; today I typically encounter 5 or 6 different programming languages if not more on a single project.

It maybe Conway's law in effect where we see specialization along the lines of people (designers, info, sys, devops, programmers, business, etc) working on a software project. I would imagine one of the intended side effects of such specialisation is to allow for scaling productivity ... but really what happens is we may be pushing problems to the language boundaries, hence why integration becomes such a serious concern.

There seems to be a fundamental tension between languages with sharp edges and the programmer knows better versus simpler language (w/ built in limitations) and the programmer is relieved of the burden of caring.

Jim Fuller

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