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RE: [xml-dev] My vote for the coolest technologies of 2014

Maybe not 2014, perhaps 2015, but the world of text and XML and self-describing systems and Apps is creeping into things.  


Some of this is simply radical cheapening. The combination of paramterized Bluetooth ear plugs and cell phone apps that can configure them is creating cheap purpose-tuned hearing aids. Personal medical devices will be an end run around the increasingly bureaucratic and sclerotic medical establishment.


Automatic learning is being incorporated into tiny devices, not only for medical sensing, but thermostats and home power systems…


The sensornet approaches are becoming interoperable thanks to COAP, with a side effect of radically longer battery life for small things. I may be biased toward OBIX, but even so I think that the coming adoption of the common information model of OBIX, built for operating smart buildings, into consumer electronics and cell phones (see the Smart TV Alliance API) is going to open things up.


Within OBIX there are now formal encodings for XML, binary XML, JSON, and EXI, which means standard transforms as well.


MQTT is going to be one of the break-outs for 2015. MQTT may be the common protocol of very small things, or at least those that are not COAP. MQTT is considered in some classifications as a variant of WebSocket, which consumer electronics is embracing.


This are the little technologies that enable end-to-end from the smallest devices to the largest systems. How they meld will be fun to watch




"There are seldom good technological solutions to behavioral problems."

-- Ed Crowley

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From: Tei [mailto:oscar.vives@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 9:58 AM
Cc: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: Re: [xml-dev] My vote for the coolest technologies of 2014




On 30 December 2014 at 13:37, Costello, Roger L. <costello@mitre.org> wrote:

Hi Folks,

Here's my vote for the coolest technologies of 2014:

1. Text (not binary)

2. Regular expressions (regexes)

3. Schematron

Text allows us to interact with computers at a human level. I think the text abstraction is one of mankind's most monumental achievements. I see text-based formats on the rise while binary formats are pushed to lower and lower levels of the computing stack.

Regexes power everything, it seems. They allow us to express razor-sharp data constraints in XML Schemas and JSON Schemas. They are the primary tool used to describe tokens in lexical analyzers.

Schematron is simple and yet extraordinarily powerful. Whoever created the XSLT program to convert a Schematron document into an executable XSLT program should get a Turing Award, it's fantastic.

What's your vote for the coolest technologies of 2014?



Forget about flyiing cars and hoverboards.  We have fucking computer laboratories on our pockets. The smartphone.

Its possible because some humble technology: better batteries.

In these phone people have things like Facebook.  Facebook is programmed in PHP compiled to native. Your phone and Facebook talk invariants of text formats, like JSON or XML.

Then you have 11 years olds installing Minecraft servers on virtual servers for his friends. 11 years olds configuring java servers, cron's, launch scripts.


Computers allow us to be has dumb as we desire, or as smart as we desire. The full range.

App Stores are still popular, and they are basically curated app repositories. Much like debian.  Every iOS, Android, Playstation, XBox .... every tablet, smartphone, etc.. have access to a curated repository of apps where is safe*** to install everything and uninstall everything.  For the first time, people can toy with computers and software and be safe that nothing is going to kill the hardware.  Its a new era of computer systems not for us (geeks that don't need it) but for average joe  guys and soccer mom girls.  Theres a tiny apt-get ish api on each of these devices, powered not by the Ethical Contract of Debian, but a EULA.


1. Smartphones

2. App Stores

3. Text (UTF8)

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