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Re: XML versus Relational Database

Isn't the issue that XML is not designed as a mechansim to store data, but a
mechanism to allow data to be provided in a common format that can be
understood by disparate systems ?

( I know this is a criminally simplistic view of what XML is about but I
just wanted to make the point  :-)



Dream Catcher wrote:

> Hello,
>  Although I am developing an application for securing XML data. This
> morning I woke up and came out a general question: Is it really a better
> idear to store data in XML structure instead of relational table? As we
> know to bulid a DOM tree is quite expensive for main memory...Any advice
> and opinion are cherished...:-)
> Best Regards
> Wang Yue
>     *------------------------------*
>       Attitude makes the difference
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